About My Work

I think that my works can be, roughly, divided in two different strands: on the one hand I often make works where people are taking over the objects. In the sense that the objects are shaped by human behaviour, or even moulded around the human body. On the other hand I make works where the situation is reversed, objects take over people - the human body and/or behaviour is being shaped by and forced to adapt to the object(s).

What is common to both of these stands is the social interaction – between people or between people and objects. Through my works I am questioning what being social means by creating situations that forces us to consider how we are social. I am intrigued by our strive for balance that often just points out or even creates an unbalance in the situation.

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No strings attached
YA! Present, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Graduation show Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

Schaufenster, Berlin

Rietveld Uncut at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Every Bodies Kitchen
Life performence at Mediamatic Amsterdam

Idle Hands
What Design Can Do at Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam

Object for the sing and songwriters festival at Wongema, Groningen

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