The public swimming pool might seem like a very ordinary place. What happens when you take a closer look at its objects, architecture, smells, colors, noises and structures?

Smell of fries and chlorine
Water compressed in a box
Repetitive swimming movements
Echoes and reflections
Unspoken tensions
Normalized nudity br A thin line between leisure and repulsion

At ButzkeBad we explored the ordinary and staged the ambiguities of a swimming pool as an act of celebration: objects become props, jobs become performances and architecture becomes a platform for talks, workshops, music and presentations.

ButzkeBad – Team:
Alexander van Bakel, Irina Djojoatmodjo, William Eckerstein, Marit Heinen, Rosita Kær, Margherita Pauline Soldati, Alice Sprascio, Asefeh Tayebani, Dee Vasilevskaya